Smith Bockius | About Us

About Us

Smith Bockius is a private investment management company that has a large pool of resources and offers relevant solutions for achieving clients’ financial goals and building their wealth. We manage our clients’ investments through a customer-centric approach which means that we make all the efforts to create a positive experience for our clients and build strong and long-lasting relationships.

Our management team is formed by professionals who are proving high levels of expertise and efficiency while offering quality service, access to a diverse list of products, in-depth assistance and consultancy in the decision-making process. Therefore, we make sure our recommendations and business strategies are suitable for the specific requirements of customers including high net-worth individuals, institutional clients, corporations and non-profit organizations.

We have marked our position in the industry by being committed to offer individualized solutions, by manifesting a strong sense of responsibility and by being result oriented.


Our Business Concept

Smith Bockius works on becoming a preferred partner for investors, one of the most professional financial services providers and a source of strong, reliable and innovative solutions meant to ensure financial stability and potential for growth.

Our Values

High Level of Expertise

Our representatives have advanced knowledge of the domain they work in and we have built our reputation by keeping up with high professional standards. Our employees have access to a large informational database that helps offering high quality service any time.

Customer-Centered Approach

Our purpose is to meet our clients’ needs and expectations, thus making sure our business values can be identified within the outcome of our service. We are result oriented, thereby our success is reflected through our clients’ success.


We add value to the way we treat every client individually by being receptive towards specific business preferences and by showing concern for their well-being. Confidentiality, determination, persistence and responsibility are among the key criteria proving that we operate a sustainable business.

Business Strength

We are not only offering promising alternatives – we work hard to reach the highest potential. Our determination comes from the will to evolve and to have an undisputed influence within the financial services sector. This is possible through maintaining and ultimately improving profitability and practicing a reasonable investment management philosophy.

Employer of choice

We are determined to promote an imposing work culture and to offer a workplace environment that becomes “home” for superior employees. As an employer of choice, we favor the prosperity, safety and professional growth of our members. In order to motivate and support our employees, we sustain our human resources and remunerate consistent performance.


We acknowledge our team’s professional behavior, efforts and performance which are representative for the company’s values and objectives. Appreciation is a central criterion for employees as it outlines high self-esteem and stimulates desire for improvement. Applying the principles of employee recognition encourages the others to be supportive and ensures better results coming from mutual cooperation.

Caring for the Future

At Smith Bockius, we are concerned about the results gained along the line as this is the indicator of our business proficiency. We get involved in various projects, we make donations and deal with volunteering in order to create value through sustainability. Efficient cooperation is crucial for improvement and growth.

Community Giving

Community is important to Smith Bockius. We value our people, thus we are concerned about supporting individuals and organizations with time and resources. We are committed to contribute to the amelioration of the community and we will keep working on improving the quality of life.